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All You Need To Know About The Upcoming iPhone 8

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iPhone 8:-It’s been ten years since the first iPhone was released. iPhone 8 will certainly mark iPhone’s tenth anniversary. Recently, Apple has been launching their smart phones in the ninth months of the year; iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 were all revealed and released in September. Therefore, there is no doubt iPhone 8 will hit the shelves in the same month. There were rumors of iPhone 8’s delays. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, was quick to dismiss these rumors calling them baseless industry chatter.

What do we expect from the iPhone 8?

This must be the million dollar question in the mind of any tech-lover or a die-hard Apple follower. iPhone 7 did not meet the expectations for many as it had issues with its battery life. This sounds like a minimal issue but we are talking about Apple, where a slight struggle to deliver is not taken lightly. All eyes will be on the iPhone 8. As usual, the California firm has stayed tight-lipped on news about the iPhone 8. However, we have seen images being leaked on twitter and hints on how the iPhone 8 will look like. So what do we expect from the iPhone 8?

First of all, there are high chances iPhone 8 will sport an edge to edge screen.  This rumor has been around since the iPhone 7 hit the shelves. On top of that, we are expecting a 5.8-inch display.

Secondly, the famous TouchID will not feature on the iPhone 8 because the big display does not give room for it. There are suggestions the TouchID will be replaced by facial recognition. However, this rumor can not be confirmed by the recently leaked iPhone 8 dummy video.

Lastly, iPhone 8 is poised to be the first iPhone to ship with wireless charging. This is according to a leak coming from Chinese social media website-Weibo. All these rumors and leaks are subject to approval. It won’t be long before we get the real picture of what the iPhone 8 will put on the table.

iPhone 8 Design

LG-G6 sported an all-screen front design which Samsung quickly followed suit-with their Samsung Galaxy S8, and iPhone 8 is thought to feature the same. This is the biggest change we are expecting. The 5.8-inch display means no more TouchID and the home button, which will help the iPhone 8 achieve a slim bezel as expected. The black plate made of glass, similar to that of the iPhone 4. The Edge’s finish is expected to offer two color options of anodized black or aluminum.  The rear camera is vertically positioned and due to the lack of a rear-mounted TouchID. The Apple logo is expected to perform further processes besides representing the Apple brand. These features include fingerprint scanning.

Release Date and Expected Starting Price

We are all optimistic the iPhone 8 will be launched somewhere in the month of September. That is not the case for Bloomberg based reporter-Mark Gurman. He is known for his accurate Apple reporting, and according to him the iPhone 8 will come later than September. Apple is yet to match Samsung’s abilities to produce the screen that is reliable.Therefore, states that the whole new screen will be the main cause of the delay, probably one or two months down the line.

The price is expected to cost around $999 in the US. We are talking about Apple offering a wireless charger, high-end screen display and out of this World security feature; therefore, the price kind of makes sense.

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