Friday, 1 September 2017

7 Things You Can Use Your Phone Camera To Do

Most of the people use their smartphone’s camera just to take pictures or selfies. But there are so many things you can do with your Android camera. A lot of people are unaware of these uses. Your camera is an amazing tool which can make your digital life better. So we are here with some cool uses of the Android camera. Let’s check out these tricks and uses.

1. Scan Document
You can use your Android camera as a scanner to scan any document. All you need to do is install a proper application and there you go. Though the quality will not be same as compared to real scanner machine but this is a much faster and easy way of scanning. You can download CamScanner application to start scanning.

2. Scan UPC Code or Bar Code
You can use your Android camera to scan a bar code labelled on any packet. Yes! You heard right. Your phone’s camera is not only used for capturing pictures or selfies. You can use it to scan any barcode and get whole information hidden behind the bar code. Amazon app provides this feature to their customers. If you have Amazon app in your mobile then you can scan the barcode using that app. Otherwise, you can download Barcode Scanner application on PlayStore.

3. Search nearby places
You can use your Android camera as a searching device also. In other words, you can search your nearby places using your smartphone’s camera. Street Lens is an augmented reality application which helps you to find nearby ATMs, Hotels, Gas Station, transport, police station and other points of interest.

4. Visual search
You can use your Android camera to search a painting, landmark, QR or barcode, or any other image. If Google finds the data about the image in its database, it will show you the result. Only you have to do is install Google Goggles in your Android Smartphone. Just scan the image and Google will do the remaining work.

5. Translate
Using Google translate, you can translate 103 languages. But what if we say you can translate from your Android camera also. Yes, it is possible. You need scan an image with some text on it. Select the text you want to translate and Google will translate those words for you. You can download Google Translate from play store.

6. Catch the thief
You can get the photo of that person who tries to unlock your phone while you are not there. Lockwatch application emails you when someone tries to unlock your phone in your absence. When a person tries to unlock your phone with a wrong code, the photo of that person taken by the front camera of your Android smartphone and sent to your email. You can find this application on play store.

7. Security camera
You can use your spare old smartphone as a sophisticated security camera. It provides live streaming and motion detection technology to monitor any unusual activities happening. You can download the Manything home security camera application from play store.

Use these cool Android camera application to make your digital life better. Hope this article helped! Please share this article if you find it useful. Also, share your views and queries in the comment section below.

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